Rental house in bridges

The Somni / Rental house in bridges
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Rental house in bridges

Are you looking for a house to spend in bridges? Casa El Somni is your place. It is the ideal location to break away from routine and to enjoy everything Valencia has to offer. Do you like the beach or are you more of a mountain person? Are you one of those people who never stops or do you feel like getting away and relaxing? Do you like good cuisine? This house offers several different environments, a swimming pool, and a spacious garden where you can sunbathe, chat or read while you lose track of time. There is a porch with a ping pong table and a chill-out area where you can relax.

If you’re looking to rent a rural house in bridges because you’re a nature lover, you will find several routes to hike, bike, or climb in the area. If you’d rather enjoy in bridges on the beach, the coast is barely 18 km (11 mi) away, in towns like Gandia or Xeraco, where you can go with your family, or Oliva, with a beach that remains unspoiled. Moreover, since you’ll only be here for a weekend, you don’t have to travel with a ton of luggage. Casa Rural El Somni has beach chairs and umbrellas at your disposal.

And since no rural bridges is complete without having tried the local cuisine, in Barx you can find several restaurants that specialize in typical food ranging from all types of rice such as paella, ‘arroz a banda’, ‘arroz al horno’, or ‘arroz senyoret’ to the best tapas, such as ‘espencat’ (roasted red peppers and eggplant with codfish or mojama — filleted salt-cured tuna), codfish croquettes, ‘coques Dacsa’, grilled cuttlefish, squid rings, cold cuts, or charcoal-grilled meat.

Furthermore, in order for you to be able to make the most in bridges, you won’t have to leave your apartment until 6 p.m.

With these ingredients and many others, you will be able to have in bridges in a rural house you always wanted.