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More information house rural El Somni

Hello, my name is Berta and Jesús. Together with my husband, Jesús, we are responsible for setting this adventure in motion.

We had long been dreaming of finding a “special” place where we could have a family house built. We knew the area of La Drova, where we had good friends, and we set out in search of a plot or chalet. That’s when we found the nun residence “Residencia Beato Andrés Hibernón” belonging to the Franciscan Sisters. It is a three-storey building of approximately 850 m2 (9,150 sq ft), located in the core of the countryside, on the boundary between the residential area of La Drova and the town of Barx. When the building was put up for sale in 2004, it was in a complete state of abandonment and neglect.

We decided on buying the property, just to restore it and spend our summer holidays at first. We fell in love with its location, surrounded by mountains, its spectacular views, its great garden, which was wild back then, its pine groves, and its 3,900-square-meter plot (41,980 sq ft). We didn’t come up with the idea of apartment rentals until later, in view of its magnificent possibilities. And that is how our project started, adapting the building’s original structure to make it suitable for apartments. At the same time, floor by floor, little by little, we started and still continue to work on our part of the building, allocated to our own house.

“El Somni” means “the dream” in Valencian as in ‘desire’ or ‘pipe dream’. This name reveals what the house means for us: we dream about enjoying it, about improving it day by day, and about permanently moving there one day. But its name also means what this house really is — a dreamlike place to relax and rest.

We offer our guests all we love about our house: the peacefulness it exudes, the silence interrupted only by the singing of the birds, its wonderful views, its sunny mornings, its red sunsets, the days when the mountains are covered in fog, the rabbits that stroll around the garden...

We are putting a lot of effort in restoring the house, with joy and loving care, and we believe this shows in the details and in how we treat our customers, with whom we share it. We hope they will also feel at home, just as we do.

El Somni is away from the bustle of the world and has a lot of places where you can relax and enjoy a good book or a nice conversation, or simply embrace the joys of “dolce far niente” — from the magnificent terraces overlooking the mountains and the swimming pool, to the lookout, the garden, or the pine grove, where you can take a nap on a hammock under the trees.